About Us

Welcome to Protect your Fertility. I am Leni and I am the owner of this blog. I’ll keep a focus on talking about the reproductive rights. It’s important to understand the reproductive health because it’s for your own health.

Women are now understanding the importance of reproductive health and they¬†don’t feel any hesitation while talking about such things to their healthcare provider.

My purpose of creating this blog is to share the valuable information about reproductive rights with all the women out there and I would love to share information about how can you take advantage of these rights.

You must take a look at the reproductive rights because they are essential for the health of your body. I’ll share information that I’ve gathered after a lot of struggle and I’ll also talk about the basic issues that you may have to face if you’re unaware of the reproductive rights.

If you have any question or suggestion. Please email me at leni@protectyourfetility.org.