Things to know before using kratom products


What exactly is kratom and how is it used?

Kratom is produced from the leaves of the plant species, namely, Mitragyna speciosa. What is distinct about the leaves of such a plant is the fact that the leaves induce psychedelic properties since it consists of psychoactive components. The leaves can be taken in by being crushed, rolled and smoked, boiling and infusing with tea or consuming in capsule form. Actually you can buy kratom capsules easily from various shops and websites.

Why do people take kratom?

Its patients mainly use kratom as a pain killer. Kratom serves much more benefits than redressing pain issues. It has had much therapeutic success as well in treating patients diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, and even PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorders. Clinical studies and trials have ruled that kratom does indeed work as a sufficient substitute for opium addiction. Patients who use kratom have been observed to significantly tackle withdrawal symptoms of opium addiction as well by easing the tendencies. Researchers believe that a majority of its users do not take it with the idea of getting high from the drug, but to ease various disorders and withdrawals, thus making it legal.


What does kratom do in the body?

Researchers cannot fully clarify and provide details on how kratom functions in the body, primarily due to lack of sufficient researches. Researches, however, explain the fact that although it is not similar to opium, it triggers and stimulates the opium receptors in the brain. Kratom primarily consists of the component, mitragynine which helps relieve pain while enabling dominant consciousness.

What are the risks?

Kratom possesses moreover the same typical side effects of opium which include ingestion problems, stomach ache, sense of itchiness, feeling of sedation and often vomiting. Clinical experts although confirm that the risks of consuming kratom are comparatively less harmful to opium intake. Records of severe kratom intake have been reported, although little to no cases of kratom related overdose death is recorded. It is a fact that you cannot overdose on kratom alone as you are most likely to vomit after a minimum amount of intake.

sense of itchiness

Is kratom addictive?

Kratom regardless of its proclaimed benefits does possess significant drug withdrawal symptoms just like any other drug. Heavy users of kratom experience immediate withdrawal symptoms with anxiety and severe tendencies as soon as quitting for 24 hours. It is thus imperative you weight the advantages and disadvantages of kratom use before determining it as a substitute for opium or treating various disorders.