Myths About Supplement Intake

In the health and fitness sector, supplements have been the subject of much debate. There are a lot of discussions about supplement intake like which keto supplements are the best and a lot of confusions about supplement intake. So, it is not surprisingly that there are many myths today on the subject of supplement intake. You might even consider these myths to be the absolute truth, which is why you should take a moment to learn more about them.


Myths about Supplement Intake

You Have to Take a Supplement

Most supplement sellers will often start out by telling you that your diet does not supply you with enough nutrients, which is why you need a supplement to make up for the deficiency. But it’s not true that you cannot survive without a supplement. By having a well-balanced diet, you can avoid taking any supplement and still lead a healthy life.

All Supplements on the Market are FDA Approved

Not every supplement on the market has had a green-light from the FDA, although most people seem to believe this. It therefore follows that not every supplement is very safe for human consumption. The FDA has to ensure that a supplement is safe before it approves it, and also offer guidance on how it is to be labeled. But there are many supplements that have not undergone this approval process, which makes them less than safe for human consumption.

The Labels tell the Truth

There is a reason why the FDA has labeling rules, and its because many supplement makers make misleading labels in a bid to cast their products in the best light. In some cases, these labels can carefully omit some ingredients or compounds that might actually be harmful to the user so that you can still buy them under the misconception that they are safe. It is estimated that about a third of supplements have a label that either omits of includes an ingredient that does not make up the supplement.

The Labels tell the Truth

Supplements are Expensive

Just because you are paying for a supplement, it does not mean you have to pay a fortune. In fact, there are many protein supplements that turn out to be cheaper than food-based protein sources. However, with some supplements, it is true that a lower price means a lower quality product that might not actually offer the intended health benefits. So, there are good supplements that are very affordable; and also bad supplements that cost quite a bit of money. So, price alone is not a guide to buying the best quality supplement.

Supplements can Cure you Miraculously

There are supplement makers who argue that their products can magically resolve health or fitness issues you have had for years. This is often more hype than truth. It is simply a marketing tactic used by questionable supplement makers in order to get more sales. Genuine companies will not make any such bold-faced lies. While supplements can enhance your health, there is usually nothing magical about their abilities.


Not everything you hear about supplement intake is the gospel truth, much of it is actually just myth. Above are the most common of these pervasive myths.

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